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Krav Maga
This class is designed for people that are new to Krav Maga. In this class, we focus on the basics of combatives, self-defense, mindset and overall aggression. This class is designed to push students both mentally and physically. While our primary objective is always self-defense, better physical fitness and weight loss are secondary benefits. Contact us today for a FREE CLASS!
Our martial arts program is a self-improvement course with a black belt attached. Workouts are fun while you learn to defend yourself in everyday situations.
Combat Cardio
Krav Fit combines fitness and Krav Maga strikes to help tone and trim your physique.

Way of Orient Martial Arts - Ventura Studio

Way of Orient is a Ventura martial arts studio specializing in teaching the traditional Korean martial arts Taekwondo and Hapkido. Americans are often familiar with martial arts in a broad sense, or the Japanese style Karate. Taekwondo, a striking method, and Hapkido, a hybrid technique, are valuable styles to choose if you’re seeking a resource for martial arts training in Ventura County. We do compete in tournaments, but we do not train students in the olympic style of Taekwondo or Hapkido, instead focusing on a more combative self defense style of instruction. We are a more progressive self defense school. We teach students ages 4 and up, and each individual is trained at their own pace, so the learning experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

Olympic Method vs. Combative Method

The olympic method has strict rules regarding not touching the head, and is based around limited sparring or contact to opponents.

The combative method involves greater physical contact. Method Taekwondo self defense oriented to striking, kicking, punching incorporating joint locks, grappling, and throws. We also train in Taekwondo & Hapkido all achieving in the two systems.

What parents of students can expect as a result of our martial arts classes

Our child programs work toward developing the five tenets of Martial Arts:

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

Regularly practicing these concepts results in personal improvements such as increased confidence, greater respect for other people, and higher performance in school. Physical benefits include greater health, increased energy, and better physical fitness.

Why choose Way of Orient Martial Arts?

We’re not just a martial arts school - we’re a healthy, interactive after-school program for kids and teens. Kids and teens can come to our studio after school, complete school work, and receive martial arts instruction. Contact us with questions and to arrange a visit, or feel free to stop by in person and meet the staff.

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